Thursday, December 02, 2010

Maps and History of Oklahoma County 1830-1900.2

Part 2: Noonish on April 22, 1889 — 1900

Part 1 of this article, 1830-noonish 4/22/1889, is done. This Part 2 continues the development of Oklahoma County through 1900.

As this post is written on December 2, 2010, given other obligations to make a post on the 2010 Paseo Arts Council Awards, that already having occurred, and my general Christmas 2010 blog article, time devoted to developing this article will be put off until those other obligations are satisfied. But, until then, this will give a preview of what to expect when this article is done.

Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off — on the ambiguous afternoon of April 22, 1889. At the time, so many questions about legal land-runners were unanswered, and there were many who fit that description, including our first (provisional) mayor, William Couch.

Topics to be discussed in Part 2 include the following:
  1. Freaky Monday — Land Run Day
  2. Townsite Chaos When No Effective Law for Townsites Existed
  3. Initial Townsite Controversies In Oklahoma Country, in Kingfisher, Guthrie and Oklahoma City
  4. Oklahoma City Particularly — the Seminole Townsite Company, and Its Adversaries
  5. Oklahoma Becomes A Territory — the 1890 Organic Act
  6. 1890 Townsite Legislation
  7. Resolution of Legal Sooner Questions
  8. Oklahoma Territory Is Formed
  9. The 1st Territorial Governor
  10. The 1st Territorial Legislature (we was robbed) but also forming Oklahoma County
  11. Completion of the County — Additional Land Runs
  12. Railroad Developments
  13. How Oklahoma City Paid Huge Bucks For Its Conspiracy to Acquire Its City Hall Property — $157,456 (in 2009 dollars) — From Illegal Sooners
  14. Summary At the Turn of the Century
The list may be different when all is done, but that's my general game plan.

Until this is done, enjoy the Christmas 2010 season, and come back later when this is done.


  1. Hi, loved your article on Ok maps part 1. Did you ever get to doing Part 2, after 1889?.....Just checking?....Thanks!

  2. John, health reasons have decreased my capacity for further research. This may change, but probably not.