Saturday, September 30, 2006

2006 OCU Regatta

Edited note on 10/17/07: See this article for the 2007 Centennial Regatta.

I've finally done something on the Oklahoma River other than just drive around it and take pictures - I've gone to the 1st ever the first "sanctioned" night rowing competition in America! Oklahoma City University was the host, Chesapeake Boat House was the provider, and Oklahoma City was the venue. Overall, the event is called, "2006 OCU Head of the Oklahoma." But as for the "night" stuff tonight, OG&E provided the lights to make Saturday night's event possible.

According to Rowing News,
OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City University announced the Third Annual Head of the Oklahoma regatta will be held Sept. 30 to Oct. 1 on the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City. "We have been overwhelmed by the response of the rowing community to our regatta and our commitment to continuing our mission of innovating the regatta experience, providing first class hospitality, and attracting world-class racing to the Oklahoma River," said Mike Knopp, OCU’s head rowing coach and regatta director.

The Head of the Oklahoma Regatta will stage the first-ever, US-sanctioned night races at this year's event. US Rowing’s Glen Merry confirmed that no other sanctioned US Rowing regatta has added this element to its racing lineup before now. "The chance to row at night, under the lights in Oklahoma City this autumn opens up many exciting possibilities for US Rowing, and the rowing community as a whole. It provides us with a unique opportunity to market our great sport and to introduce rowing to thousands of people who would not be exposed to it through a typical regatta. We are elated to be working with the leadership at OCU and the Chesapeake Boathouse, as they constantly impress us with their cutting-edge ideas. We look forward to having our national team athletes be a part of this year’s historic event," Merry said.
In rowing circles, Oklahoma City has been dubbed, "World Class," and, tonight, Doug Dawg was there to see if the label was for real! Well, since I am so inexperienced about this sport, I couldn't begin to compare what I experienced tonight with other cities' and nations' experiences, but, I surely can say this: It was exiting and it was a total hoot!

The under the lights action involved 500 meter "super sprints" - all of which took place on the river between ML King/Eastern & Byers. Some were collegians, others were non-collegiate teams from rowing clubs around the country. According to the event's website,
The featured event for the 2006 OCU Head of the Oklahoma is the introduction of night racing on the Oklahoma River. The 500 meter OG&E NightSprints will be held after the sun goes down to create an electrifying atmosphere for competitors and spectators as four 100 foot light arms extend over the river to illuminate the course. The OCU Head of the Oklahoma will be the first regatta in the United States to feature night racing.
Click the image below to go to the website for this excellent Oklahoma City event!

It was on this night (tonight) that I also discovered how badly I need a much spiffier digital camera than I have ... the night pics did not turn out nearly as well as I wanted, but, at least, you'll get a few views in the rest of this post.

Here are the pics. Click any image for a larger view.

Byers (which is how you access the Chesapeake Boat House area) was closed to accomodate the hundreds of boats and other transport vehicles from around the country, many of which were parked on that roadway. This meant that Doug Dawg had to do much more walking to get there than he is accustomed to! This one shows a few boats from SMU on that road as I walked south to get to the Byers bridge over the river.

The pic below shows a couple of crews at the end of a sprint ... I've already said that I just gotta get a better camera, so don't give me any complaints ... just give me a new camera!

This image is taken from the Byers bridge looking east ... you might be able to make out the rowing lanes ... most of the onlookers were on the north side of the river where the booths (artist vendors, etc.) were located.

This is perhaps the worst pic I'm posting, but I wanted to show at least one "disembarkment" following a race ... looking down from the Byers bridge ... in this case, a 1 person crew.

The next 3 pics were taken from the Byers bridge looking at the Chesapeake Boathouse toward downtown.

This one was taken to show some watchers on the Byers bridge, looking east on the river where the sprint races were taking place.

This one is from the Byers bridge, looking east and slightly north where most of the watchers (and vendors) congregated.

Finally, I left the Byers bridge and took some pics from the north bank of the river. This one looks west at the Byers bridge shown in the background.

The guys/gals from Cambridge were not in attendance tonight, but their shelter was.

This just shows some of the watchers watching along the north shore.

Given the limitations of my camera, it was hard to get decent shots of the competitors in action. The next 2 pics are the best of the lot in that regard. The 1st pic shows the leader, and the 2nd shows the pack close behind.

I think, tomorrow, I'd better get down there again and get some decent daytime shots! But, for now, there you have it ... the 1st ever sanctioned nightime rowing competition in the whole United States of America ... right here in downtown Oklahoma City!

Daytime Addendum

These are some pics I took this morning (Sunday) between 9:45 - 11:30 ... same areas, generally, but the camera does better with daytime light.

Some Looks At Chesapeake Boathouse

Looking At Byers Bridge From Boathouse Grounds

Various Views From Byers Bridge

The Video Setup on the North Shore ... see the lady, far left

That's all, folks!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oklahoma Hall of Fame

Edited and Updated 6/19/2007

Also, see Mid-Continent To OHA.


From all I've read, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame originates from the 1927 efforts of El Reno resident Anna Brosius Korn, the founder of the Oklahoma Memorial Association, which later became the current day's Oklahoma Heritage Association. The OHA's website has now been revamped. The new OHA website entry page is here. The new and very nice history of the organization is here. Generally, with some revision in this 6/19/2007 edit, I'll leave intact the information that I located elsewhere, before the organization's nice website revision.

OHA's history page shows that the originally named Oklahoma Memorial Association became the Oklahoma Heritage Association in 1971 to reflect the organization's "expanded role in the preservation of Oklahoma history," a date that had eluded me when writing my original post here.

The earlier OHA website did not identify the organization's founder, but the new history page does, and so, now, it is beyond dispute that the founder of the Oklahoma Memorial/Heritage Association and/or its product, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, resulted from the singular efforts of one person, a lady named Anna Brosius Korn, in 1927. Unless I missed something (and I confess that I've not yet looked really closely), you'll still find out more about the founder here than in OHA's revised pages. Oh, well ...


This woman was both the founder of the Oklahoma Memorial Association (which later became the Oklahoma Heritage Association) and of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame awards which she envisioned in 1927 and which, in fact, began in 1928.

From a November 27, 2005, Oklahoman article:

Woman's passion for state's history provided legacy

In 1927, [Anna B.] Korn channeled her passion for preserving history and love of grand ceremonies into founding the Oklahoma Memorial Association, now called the Oklahoma Heritage Association. The purpose of the group was to create a hall of fame for prominent Oklahomans.

By the time she died in 1965, about 300 Oklahoma statesmen, doctors, businessmen and educators had been named to the hall of fame. [Ed. note: the article's list of "titles" is not complete – others were also inducted.]

Anna Lee Brosius was born in Hamilton, Mo., in 1869, to a family that included an ambassador to Russia and J.C. Penney, founder of the department store chain. The petite redhead was a determined overachiever, too.
* * *
But Korn's greatest passion was history. She served on the Oklahoma Historical Society board of directors for more than 40 years, had trees at the state Capitol dedicated to Presidents Jefferson, Jackson and Wilson, and got a monument to War of 1812 veterans erected at Fort Gibson.

When the Oklahoma Memorial Association had its first hall of fame banquet in 1928, Korn planned an elaborate ceremony with dancing girls, "royal escorts" for the honorees and a queen chosen from the state's outstanding youth.

Korn was involved in virtually every aspect of the ceremony. She played an active role into her 90s. Even suffering a stroke the morning of the 1956 event didn't put her out of commission for long.

Although the induction ceremony has changed, the hall of fame Korn founded continues to grow, boasting almost 600 notable Oklahomans.
Anna Korn was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 1961 at age 92. She she died in 1965.


Note: This section was originally written September 28, 2006, before grand opening of the Edward L. Gaylord-Boone Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Center on May 10, 2007. I'll be posting a later blog article about the new facility, post-reopening, in the near future, but I'll leave this one pretty much "as is" with some modification.

The present day Oklahoma Heritage Association has broadened its horizons to include much more than the mere identification and induction of prominent Oklahomans into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Its website's offerings of literature and other awards focused on Oklahoma history are quite impressive. And, very soon (in the next month or two) [ed. note on 6/19/07: my original post was written in September 2006 ... the new grand opening was in May 2007], the opening of the new Edward L. Gaylord/Boone Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Center at 1400 Classen Drive will add a diamond near the northwest side of downtown Oklahoma City.

But, what I didn't know until my attendance at this year's [2006] Centennial State Fair of Oklahoma three days ago is that the inductees into Oklahoma's Hall of Fame are all displayed in the State Fair Park on 7-8 feet high granite slabs in a westside portion of the fairgrounds called the Oklahoma Heritage Plaza, just south of the OPUBCO pavilion. Only a passing reference in OHA's Hall of Fame website page mentions this very impressive exhibit ...

In addition, the inductees are recognized on granite monuments in the Heritage Plaza at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.
The new OHA website does list all recipients in either chronolgical or alphabetical order.


The remainder of this post shows each of those granite monoliths located in the northwest part of State Fair Park. Click on any pic for a larger image which makes the names of the recipients more plainly seen. They are ALL here!

The north size of the plaza (just south of the OPUBCO pavilion) contains the gateway:

Just south of that monument are 22 large granite slabs which remember the names, sometimes faces (3 to a slab), of each of the inductees. Below, they are presented in chronological order. The edifices are set up to contain names on the front and back even though only the last 2 have done that , so far. Click here to skip the following text and go straight to the monuments.

The names and general description of recipients so far are listed at this OHA website page, but here they are also listed here for easy reference (descriptions, if any, are from OHA's website):

Dennis T. Flynn - Oklahoma City, Congressman
Elizabeth Fulton Hester - Muskogee, Civic Leader

James S. Buchanan - Norman, Educator
Charles F. Colcord - Oklahoma City, Oilman
Alice M. Robertson - Muskogee, Congressman [Ed. Note: woman]
R.A. Sneed - Sulphur, Public Servant

David Ross Boyd - Norman, Educator
Alice Brown Davis - Wewoka, Seminole Chief
E.K. Gaylord - Oklahoma City, Publisher
Annette Ross Hume - Anadarko, Civic Leader
Graves Leeper - Sulphur, Public Servant
Frank Phillips - Bartlesville, Oilman
Joseph W. Scroggs - Norman, Educator

Charles F. Barrett - Oklahoma City, Military
Laura Clubb - Kaw City, philanthropist
Gregory Gerrer - Shawnee, Artist
Roy A. Hoffman - Oklahoma City, Military
Douglas H. Johnston - Emet, Chickasaw Chief
E.W. Marland - Ponca City, Oilman
Benjamin F. Nihart - Oklahoma City, Educator
Joseph B. Thoburn - Oklahoma City, Historian

Frank Bailey - Chickasha, Jurist
Joseph Blatt - Oklahoma City, Religious Leader
Fowler Border - Mangum, Physician
Fred S. Clinton - Tulsa, Oilman
J.P. Connors - McAlester, Public Servant
John Cotteral - Guthrie, Jurist
John B. Doolin - Alva, Public Servant
William A. Durant - Durant, Public Servant
F.B. Fite - Muskogee, Physician
Frank Frantz - Tulsa, Public Servant
Thomas P. Gore - Lawton, U.S. Senator
Charles N. Haskell - Muskogee, Governor
J.W. Hawley - Oklahoma City, Clergyman
William M. Jenkins - Sapulpa, Public Servant
W.A. Ledbetter - Oklahoma City, Attorney
J.L. McBrien - Edmond, Educator
Grant McGee - Muskogee, Journalist
John J. Methvin - Anadarko, Missionary
J.S. Murrow - Atoka, Missionary
James F. Owens - Oklahoma City, Businessman
Gabe Parker - Muskogee, Public Servant
D.P. Richardson - Union City, Physician
Will Rogers - Claremore, Humorist
Campbell Russell - Oklahoma City, Public Servant
Jasper Sipes - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
Sidney Suggs - Ardmore, Publisher
Elmer Thomas - Lawton, U.S. Senator
C.P. Wickmiller - Kingfisher, Pharmacist

John A. Brown - Oklahoma City, Merchant
Madaline Conklin - Oklahoma City, Public Servant
Edward Everett Dale - Norman, Historian
Eva Shartel Ferguson - Kingfisher, Publisher
Mrs. M.B. Gibbons - Goodland, Educator
John A. Hatchett - Oklahoma City, Educator
John F. Kroutil - Yukon, Entrepreneur
Dan Peery - Carnegie, Public Servant
Una Lee Roberts - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Angie Russell - Oklahoma City, Social Worker
Angelo C. Scott - Oklahoma City, Educator
Charles B. Stuart - Oklahoma City, Attorney

Eugene M. Antrim - Oklahoma City, Educator
Maude Richman Calvert - Oklahoma City, Educator
Grant Foreman - Muskogee, Historian
Emma Estill Harbour - Edmond, Educator
W.W. Hastings - Tahlequah, Congressman
Samuel W. Hayes - Oklahoma City, Jurist
Travis F. Hensley - El Reno, Public Service
Thomas P. Howell - Davis, Physician
Charles W. Kerr - Tulsa, Minister
Everett S. Lain - Oklahoma City, Physician
Gordon W. Lillie - Pawnee, Entrepreneur
Zack Miller - Ponca City, Rancher
Francis F. Threadgill - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Clara C. Waters - Pawnee, Administrator

Czarina Colbert Conlan - Oklahoma City, Cultural Leader
Etta D. Dale - El Reno, Educator
Charles N. Gould - Norman, Geologist
David W. Griffin - Norman, Physician
Edith Johnson - Oklahoma City, Journalist
Roberta Campbell Lawson - Nowata, Cultural Leader
Oscar J. Lehrer - Norman, Educator
W.H. McFadden - Ponca City, Civic Leader
Ida M. McFarlin - Tulsa, Philanthropist
R.M. McFarlin - Tulsa, Oilman
Lewis J. Moorman - Oklahoma City, Physician
Mell A. Nash - Edmond, Educator
Jennie Harris Oliver - Fallis, Author
E.B. Ringland - Oklahoma City, Minister
Winnie M. Sanger - Oklahoma City, Physician
Mary Frances Troy - Oklahoma City, Educator

William B. Bizzell - Norman, Educator
Alice M. David - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Rachel C. Eaton - Claremore, Historian
Annett Blackburn Ehler - Hennessey, Civic Leader
S. Prince Freeling - Oklahoma City, Public Service
Forney Hutchinson - Tulsa, Minister
William S. Key - Oklahoma City, Military
W.H. Kornegay - Vinita, Attorney
LeRoy Long - Oklahoma City, Physician
James A. Maney - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
M. Alice Miller - El Reno, Civic Leader

Mabel Bassett - Sapulpa, Public Servant
A.G.C. Bierer - Guthrie, Jurist
Elmer E. Brown - Oklahoma City, Journalist
Frank C. Carter - Oklahoma City, Public Servant
Dorothea B. Dale - Oklahoma City, Public Servant
James S. Davenport - Vinita, Jurist
Clarence B. Douglas - Tulsa, Administrator
John F. Easley - Ardmore, Publisher
Ida Ferguson - El Reno, Nurse
Lucia Loomis Ferguson - Tulsa, Civic Leader
A.L. Kates - Claremore, Publisher
James R. Keaton - Guthrie, Jurist
Lilah D. Lindsey - Tulsa, Educator
Margaret McVean - Oklahoma City, Law
Mrs. Jessie E. Moore - Wayne, Law
Boss Neff - Hooker, Rancher
Minnie Shockley - Alva, Educator
Ida Wright - Atoka, Civic Leader

Henry G. Bennett - Stillwater, Educator
Mrs. Virgil Browne - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Scott Ferris - Lawton, Congressman
Carolyn Thomas Foreman - Muskogee, Historian
Everett G. Fry - Oklahoma City, Musician
John W. Harreld - Oklahoma City, U.S. Senator
Walter M. Harrison - Oklahoma City, Journalist
Abbie B. Hillerman - Tulsa, Prohibitionist
Patrick J. Hurley - Tulsa, Diplomat
William B. Johnson - Ardmore, Attorney
Henry S. Johnston - Perry, Governor
Arthur N. Leecraft - Durant, Public Servant
Boh Makovsky - Stillwater, Education
John B. Nichols - Chickasha, Oilman
G. Lee Phelps - Wetumka, Missionary
Jane Gibson Phillips - Bartlesville, Civic Leader
William B. Pine - Okmulgee, U.S. Senator
George Rainey - Enid, Educator
Scott Squyres - Oklahoma City, Attorney
Martin E. Trapp - Guthrie, Governor
Edward A. Walker - Oklahoma City, Banker
Anna L. Witteman - Oklahoma City, Administrator

O.H.P. Brewer - Webbers Falls, Public Servant
Cassius M. Cade - Shawnee, Congressman
Nannie K. Fite - Tahlequah, Public Servant
George Riley Hall - Henryetta, Publisher
John B. Harrison - Oklahoma City, Jurist
Mrs. Charles N. Haskell - Muskogee, Civic Leader
Blanche Lucas - Ponca City, Public Servant
Isaac Newton McCash - Enid, Educator
James I. Phelps - El Reno, Jurist
Meta Chestnutt Sager - Minco, Educator
William G. Skelly - Tulsa, Oilman
Katherine VanLeuven - Oklahoma City, Attorney
A.M. Wallock - Lawton, Religious Leader

G. Walter Archibald - Durant, Publisher
J.C. Bushyhead - Fort Gibson, Physician
Frank Buttram - Oklahoma City, Oilman
Nannie Hutcheson Cleveland - Darlington, Educator
Milton C. Garber - Enid, Congressman
E.B. Howard - Tulsa, Congressman
Mrs. W.A. Ledbetter - Ardmore, Civic Leader
Anna Lewis - Chickasha, Historian
Eugene Lorton - Tulsa, Publisher
Christian Madsen - Guthrie, Lawman
Alma J. Neill - Norman, Physiology
Mrs. Lute Walcott - Ardmore, Civic Leader
Muriel H. Wright - Lehigh, Historian

Mrs. Anton H. Classen - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Julien C. Monnett - Norman, Educator
Robert L. Owen - Tahlequah, U.S. Senator
W. Mark Sexton - McAlester, Religious Leader
Edgar S. Vaught - Oklahoma City, Jurist

Walter S. Campbell - Norman, Historian
Houston Benge Teehee - Tahlequah, Public Servant
Louis Wentz - Ponca City, Oilman

Gladys Anderson Emerson - El Reno, Educator
O.C. Newman - Shattuck, Physician
Waite Phillips - Tulsa, Oilman
Mrs. Oscar W. Stewart - Muskogee, Educator

John R. Abernathy - Oklahoma City, Religious Leader
Kenneth C. Kaufman - Norman, Literature
Burton Rascoe - Shawnee, Author
Paul B. Sears - Norman, Botany

Joseph P. Blickensderfer - Norman, Educator
Roy Gittinger - Norman, Historian
Raymond S. McLain - Oklahoma City, Military
Paul A. Walker - Oklahoma City, Public Servant

Robert Burns - Washita County, Public Servant
Frances Dinsmore Davis - Chickasha, Fine Arts
Charles Evans - Oklahoma City, Educator
Mark R. Everett - Oklahoma City, Physician

William G. Beasley - Holdenville, Religious Leader
Daniel L. Edwards - Enid, Religious Leader
John E. Mabee - Tulsa, Oilman
Yvonne Chouteau Terekhov - Norman, Ballerina

Roy Temple House - Norman, Literature
Mrs. Charles H. Kimes - Enid, Artist
Fred Lookout - Pawhuska, Osage Chief
E.H. Moore - Tulsa, Oilman
Lynn Riggs - Claremore, Playwrite

Nina Kay Gore - Lawton, Civic Leader
Robert A. Hefner, Sr. - Oklahoma City, Oilman
Oscar B. Jacobson - Norman, Fine Arts
Irene Bowers Sells - Oklahoma City, Journalist
Poe B. Vandament - Yukon, Publisher

Angie Debo - Marshall, Historian
Norris G. Henthorne - Tulsa, Public Servant
J.G. Puterbaugh - McAlester, Entrepreneur
Waldo E. Stephens - Oklahoma City, Internationalist
Jim Thorpe - Prague/Yale, Athlete
Louis A. Turley - Norman, Medicine

Joseph H. Benton - Norman, Opera
Eugene S. Briggs - Enid, Education
George L. Cross - Norman, Educator
Luther Harrison - Oklahoma City, Journalist
Earnest Lachman - Oklahoma City, Physician
Mrs. Perle Mesta - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
William H. Murray - Tishomingo, Governor
C.I. Pontius - Tulsa, Educator

George L. Bowman - Kingfisher, Public Servant
Joseph J. Clark - Pryor, Military
Everett L. DeGolyer - Tulsa, Geologist
Thomas Gilcrease - Tulsa, Oilman
J. Raymond Hinshaw, Jr. - Norman, Medicine
Richard Lloyd Jones - Tulsa, Publisher
Savoie Lottinville - Norman, Literature

C.B. Bee - Oklahoma City, Public Servant
James E. Berry - Stillwater, Public Servant
William J. Holloway - Hugo, Governor
Roy M. Johnson - Ardmore, Oilman
James C. Nance - Purcell, Public Servant
Pearle Sayre - Ardmore, Civic Leader
Nan Sheets - Oklahoma City, Artist
Gomer Smith, Sr. - Oklahoma City, Congressman

Felix M. Adams - Vinita, Mental Health
J.R. Hinshaw - Butler, Medicine
Louise McMahon - Lawton, Music
Maud Lorton Myers - Tulsa, Civic Leader
John L. Peters - Oklahoma City, Hunanitarian
T.H. Steffens - Sand Springs, Humanitarian

Annetta A. Childs - Tulsa, Civic Leader
F. Hiner Dale - Guymon, Jurist
Paul Harvey - Tulsa, Radio Commentator
Gaston Litton - Granite, Historian
Ross Rizley - Guymon, Congressman

William M. Franklin - Ardmore, Public Servant
C.B. Goddard - Ardmore, Oilman
Robert S. Kerr - Ada, Governor/U.S. Senator
Jesse L. Rader - Newkirk, Literature
Robert Terry Stuart - Oklahoma City, Insurance
Nora A. Talbot - Stillwater, Educator

Carl Albert - McAlester, Congressman/Speaker
Robert H. Bayley - Oklahoma City, Physician
Stanley C. Draper - Oklahoma City, Chamber Executive
Te Ata Fisher - Tishomingo, Theater
Erle P. Haliburton - Ardmore, Oilman
Roy Harris - Chandler, Composer of Music
James A. Rinehart - El Reno, Public Servant
Anna T. Scruggs - Enid, Mental Health
Roy J. Turner - Chandler, Governor

K.S. Adams - Bartlesville, Oilman
Willis M. Chambers - Edmond, Educator
Dean A. McGee - Oklahoma City, Oilman
Alice L. Marriott - Oklahoma City, Historian
Mrs. Charles Page - Sand Springs, Civic Leader
John Wesley Raley - Shawnee, Educator
Oliver S. Wilham - Stillwater, Educator

Charles R. Anthony - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
Mrs. John A. Brown - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
H.H. Herbert - Norman, Educator
H.C. Jones - Sand Springs, Entrepreneur
Alfred P. Murrah - Oklahoma City, Jurist
Bess B. Truitt - Enid, Poet Laureate
Mrs. William K. Warren - Tulsa, Civic Leader
Mac Q. Williamson - Pauls Valley, Public Servant

Stephen Chandler - Oklahoma City, Jurist
Mrs. Patrick J. Hurley - Tulsa, Civic Leader
Richard K. Lane - Tulsa, Businessman
Joe C. Scott - Rattan, Public Servant
Ned Shepler - Lawton, Publisher
Joseph R. Taylor - Norman, Artist

Virgil Browne - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
Anna B. Korn - El Reno, Civic Leader
Joe W. McBride - Anadarko, Publisher
A.S. "Mike" Monroney - Oklahoma City, U.S. Senator
John Rogers - Tulsa, Attorney
Fred E. Tarman - Oklahoma City, Publisher
William K. Warren - Tulsa, Oilman

Jennie Dahlgren - Oklahoma City, Public Servant
J. Howard Edmondson - Muskogee, Governor
John E. Kirkpatrick - Oklahoma City, Philanthropist
J.B. Perky - Stillwater, Vocational Agriculture
W. Angie Smith - Oklahoma City, Religious Leader

W.P. Atkinson - Midwest City, Publisher
Orel Busby - Ada, Jurist
Gordon Cooper - Shawnee, Astronaut
Ben G. Henneke - Tulsa, Educator
Herschel H. Hobbs - Oklahoma City, Religious Leader
Mrs. Paul Sutton - Ardmore, Civic Leader
Charles B. "Bud" Wilkinson - Norman, Coach

Mrs. Frank Buttram - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Harvey P. Everest - Oklahoma City, Banker
Van Heflin - Walters, Actor
Mickey Mantle - Commerce, Baseball
Madame Ramon Vinay - Ardmore, Opera
Clarence H. Wright - Cordell, Businessman

Page Belcher - Tulsa, Congressman
T. Jack Foster - Norman, Real Estate
Henry P. Iba - Stillwater, Coach
Jacob Johnson - Warner, Educator
Fred Jones - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
Mabelle Kennedy - Pawhuska, Public Servant

Mrs. Anita Bryant - Tulsa, Actress
W.W. Keeler - Bartlesville, Oilman
Donald S. Kennedy - Oklahoma City, Public Servant
Edwin W. Parker - Ardmore, Religious Leader
William T. Payne - Oklahoma City, Oilman
Lloyd E. Rader - Hinton, Public Servant

Henry B. Bass - Enid, Construction
Mrs. J.A. Chapman - Tulsa, Civic Leader
Hicks Epton - Wewoka, Attorney
Malcom E. Phelps - El Reno, Physician
H. Milt Phillips - Seminole, Publisher
George M. Sutton - Norman, Ornithologist
James E. Webb - Oklahoma City, NASA/Space Administrator
Raymond A. Young - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur

Hayden H. Donahue - Norman, Mental Health
W.D. Finney - Fort Cobb, Banker
Jake L. Hamon - Ardmore, Oilman
Floyd L. Jackson - Oklahoma City, Jurist
Jenkin Lloyd Jones - Tulsa, Publisher
Augusta I. Carson Metcalfe - Durham, Artist
Hal L. Muldrow - Norman, Military
Grace Steele Woodward - Tulsa, Historian

Jack T. Conn - Oklahoma City, Banker
Fred A. Daugherty - Oklahoma City, Jurist
Mrs. Clifford L. Frates - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
William T. Gossett - Chickasha, Attorney
Morton R. Harrison - Checotah, Public Servant
Mrs. Frank Johnson Hightower - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
George H. Shirk - Oklahoma City, Historian

Mrs. George L. Bowman - Kingfisher, Civic Leader
Raymond Gary - Madill, Governor
Joseph A. LaFortune, Sr. - Tulsa, Oilman
Ward S. Merrick - Ardmore, Oilman
Maurice H. Merrill - Norman, Educator
D.H. O'Donoghue - Oklahoma City, Orthopedic Surgeon
Willard Stone - Locust Grove, Artist

Jack Abernathy - Oklahoma City, Oilman
Mildred Andrews Boggess - Norman, Musician
S.N. Goldman - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
E.L. "Mike" Massad - Ardmore, Military
J. Rud Nielsen - Norman, Physics
Tom Steed - Shawnee, Congressman
Mrs. Frederick P. Walter - Tulsa, Civic Leader
H. Merle Woods - El Reno, Publisher
John M. Young - Enid, Public Servant

George S. Benson - Edmond, Education
Milo M. Brisco - Seminole, Oilman
B.D. Eddie - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
Mrs. Henry C. Hitch - Guymon, Civic Leader
Robert B. Kamm - Stillwater, Education
Maria Tallchief Paschen - Fairfax, Ballerina
Oral Roberts - Tulsa, Religious Leader

Francis Rosser Brown - Muskogee, Civic Leader
Guy Fraser Harrison - Oklahoma City, Symphony Conductor
Robert A. Hefner, Jr. - Oklahoma City, Oilman
John M. Houchin - Bartlesville, Oilman
Paul Miller - Oklahoma City, Journalist
Eugene Swearingen - Tulsa, Education
Thomas P. Stafford - Weatherford, Astronaut
Mrs. Fred Zahn - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader

Armais Arutunoff - Bartlesville, Entrepreneur
William H. Bell - Tulsa, Attorney
Edward L. Gaylord - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
Sam Noble - Ardmore, Oilman
Robinson Risner - Tulsa, Military
J.B. Saunders - Oklahoma City, Oilman
Cedomir M. Sliepcevich - Norman, Engineer
Kathleen P. Westby - Tulsa, Civic Leader

Alfred E. Aaronson - Tulsa, Oilman
Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Robert J. LaFortune, Jr. - Tulsa, Oilman
T. Howard McCasland - Duncan, Oilman
Lela O'Toole - Stillwater, Education
Carl L. Reistle, Jr. - Bartlesville, Oilman
Holmes Tuttle - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
Dolphus Whitten, Jr. - Oklahoma City, Education

Harriet G. Barclay - Tulsa, Botanist
Henry Bellmon - Billings, Governor/U.S. Senator
Jerrie Cobb - Ponca City, Aviator
James G. Harlow - Oklahoma City, Education
J.W. McLean - Oklahoma City, Banker
Merle Montgomery - Davidson, Music
Kent Ruth - Geary, Historian
Jim Shoulders - Henryetta, Rodeo

Ira C. Eaker - Durant, Military
Bryce N. Harlow - Oklahoma City, Public Servant
Earnest Hoberecht - Watonga, Journalist
Ross H.Miller - Ada, Physician
Inez Lunsford Silberg - Oklahoma City, Education
Earl Sneed - Norman, Banker
John H. Williams - Tulsa, Entrepreneur
Charles Banks Wilson - Miami, Artist

Dewey F. Barlett - Tulsa, Governor/U.S. Senator
Woodrow "Woody" Crumbo - Okmulgee, Artist
Mary Johnston Evans - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
John Hope Franklin - Rentlesville, Historian
Walter H. Helmerich - Tulsa, Oilman
Mrs. Fred Jones - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
James J. Kilpatrick - Oklahoma City, Journalist
Morrison G. Tucker - Oklahoma City, Banker

Christine Anthony Browne - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
John Burns - Pauls Valley, Diplomat
Henry C. "Ladd" Hitch, Jr. - Guymon, Agrabusiness
Moscelyne Larkin Jasinski - Tulsa, Ballerina
J.C. Kennedy - Lawton, Banker
P.C. Lauinger - Tulsa, Publisher
James C. Leake, Sr. - Chandler, Entrepreneur
Dale Robertson - Yukon, Actor

Marion Briscoe DeVore - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Owen K. Garriott - Enid, Astronaut
Cluff Hopla - Norman, Zoologist
Patience Sewell Latting - Oklahoma City, Public Servant
W.P. Longmire - Sapulpa, Physician
W.F. Martin - Bartlesville, Oilman
M.A. Wright - Blair, Oilman

J.W. Bates - Tulsa, Oilman
James D. Berry - Sapulpa, Banker
William J. Crowe - Oklahoma City, Military
E.T. Dunlap - Cravens, Higher Education
Russell F. Hunt - Tulsa, Attorney
Leonard D. McMurry - Oklahoma City, Sculptor
Walter F. Merrick - Sayre, Horseman
Juanita Kidd Stout - Wewoka, Jurist

Fred E. Brown, Jr. - Muskogee, Securities
Roy Clark - Tulsa, Musician
James D. Fellers - Oklahoma City, Attorney
John T. Griffin - Muskogee, Entrepreneur
Charles C. Ingram - Tulsa, Business Executive
Jeane Kirkpatrick - Duncan, Foreign Service
Roberta Knie - Cordell, Opera
Lowe Runkle - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur

William W. Caudill - Hobart, Architect
Kenneth H. Cooper - Oklahoma City, Physician
Howard C. Kauffmann - Tulsa, Oilman
Clarence E. Page - Oklahoma City, Aviation
Patti Page - Claremore, Singer
James R. Scales - Jay, Education
Harold C. Stuart - Tulsa, Attorney
Robert E. Thomas - Tulsa, Oilman

Johnny Bench - Binger, Baseball
Jacqueline L. Carey - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Gloria Twine Chisum - Muskogee, Scientist
Tullos O. Coston - Oklahoma City, Physician
Wm. C. Douce - Bartlesville, Oilman
Nolan J. Fuqua - Duncan, Conservationist
James M. Hewgley, Jr. - Tulsa, Public Servant
James E. Hill - Stillwater, Military

Vida Chenoweth - Enid, Ethnomusicology
Arrell M. Gibson - Norman, Historian
Allan Houser - Apache, Sculptor
Edward C. Joullian, III - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
Edwin Malzahn - Perry, Entrepreneur
F.M. Petree - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
W. R. "Dick" Stubbs - Henryetta, Banker
Charles E. Thornton - Tulsa, Oilman

Lyle H. Boren - Seminole, Congressman
Charles P. Brown - Lawton, Military
Nancy Frantz Davies - Enid, Civic Leader
James Garner - Norman, Actor
Julian J. Rothbaum - Tulsa, Oilman
James E. Stewart - Oklahoma City, Civil Rights Leader
G. Rainey Williams - Oklahoma City, Physician
Henry Zarrow - Tulsa, Oilman

James G. Harlow, Jr. - Oklahoma City, Business Executive
Marilyn Harris - Oklahoma City, Author
Robert M. Hart - Tulsa, Oilman
Jeane Porter Hester - Chickasha, Physician
N. Scott Momaday - Lawton, Author
John W. Nichols - Oklahoma City, Oilman
Samuel Moore Walton - Kingfisher, Entrepreneur

David L. Boren - Seminole Governor/U.S. Senator
Ed L. Calhoon - Beaver, Physician
Richard D. Harrison - Oklahoma City, Business Executive
Patricia W. Langholz - Tulsa, Civic Leader
A.T. Stair, Jr. - Canton, Scientist
Kay Starr - Daugherty, Singer
Joseph H. Williams - Tulsa, Entrepreneur
Stanton L. Young - McAlester, Humanitarian

Virginia Thomas Austin - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
James R. Bellatti - Stillwater, Publisher
Bennie L. Davis - McAlester, Military
William R. Howell - Claremore, Business Executive
Tom P. McAdams, Jr. - Bristow, Oilman
George Nigh - McAlester, Governor
C.J. "Pete" Silas - Bartlesville, Oilman
John S. "Jack" Zink - Tulsa, Entrepreneur

Jim Hartz - Tulsa, Television Personality
Jack Van Doren Hough - Oklahoma City, Physician
John Kilpatrick - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Clem Rogers McSpadden - Chelsea, Congressman
Ray H. Siegfried, II - Tulsa, Entrepreneur

Gene Autry - Tulsa, Entrepreneur
James E. Barnes - Tulsa, Oilman
Glenn A. Cox - Bartlesville, Oilman
Jack N. Merritt - Lawton, Military
Allie P. Reynolds - Bethany, Baseball
Marjorie Tallchief Skibine - Fairfax, Ballerina

J.M. "Jack" Graves - Tulsa, Oilman
Allen E. Greer, - Oklahoma City, Physician
Frank A. McPherson - Oklahoma City, Oilman
Robert L. Parker, Sr. - Tulsa, Oilman
Helen Robson Walton - Claremore, Civic Leader
Martha Griffin White - Muskogee, Civic Leader

Ray Ackerman - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
Jimmie Baker - Tulsa, Television Producer
Jane B. Harlow - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
John A. Sabolich - Oklahoma City, Prosthetics
John F. Snodgrass - Ardmore, Banker
Warren Spahn - Hartshorne, Baseball
Jack Zarrow - Tulsa, Oilman

James R. Jones - Muskogee, Foreign Service
Wilma Mankiller - Tahlequah, Cherokee Chief
Don Nickles - Ponca City, U.S. Senator
Lee Allan Smith - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Max Weitzenhoffer - Oklahoma City, Broadway Producer
Nazih Zuhdi - Oklahoma City, Physician

Clark Bass - McAlester, Banker
Alan C. "Ace" Greenberg - Oklahoma City, Securities
Wilson Hurley - Tulsa, Artist
Stephen J. Jatras - Tulsa, Entrepreneur
Mary Jane Noble - Ardmore, Civic Leader
Ralph G. Thompson - Oklahoma City, Jurist

Keith E. Bailey - Tulsa, Business Executive
William R. "Bill" Bright - Coweta, Religious Ministries
Robert Lorton - Tulsa, Publisher
Charles A. Rockwood, Jr. - Oklahoma City, Physician
G.W. "Bill" Swisher - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
Alma Wilson - Oklahoma City, Jurist

W.W. Allen - Bartlesville, Oilman
Ann Simmons Alspaugh - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Vince Gill - Oklahoma City, Singer
Tony Hillerman - Sacred Heart, Author
Melvin Moran - Seminole, Oilman
Dennis J. Reimer - Medford, Military

W. French Anderson - Tulsa, Physician
Wanda L. Bass - McAlester, Banker
Donald L. Cooper - Stillwater, Physician
Archie W. Dunham - Ada, Oilman
Reba McEntire - Stringtown, Singer
Herman Meinders - Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur

Larry Brummett - Tulsa, Business Executive
Jean G. Gumerson - Oklahoma City, Civic Leader
Abe Lemons - Oklahoma City, Coach
Jay O'Meilia - Tulsa, Sculptor
H.E. "Gene" Rainbolt - Oklahoma City, Banker
Barry Switzer - Norman, Coach
Jimmy Webb - Laverne, Songwriter

Hannah D. Atkins, Oklahoma City, Public Servant
Thomas R. Brett, Tulsa, Jurist
Tom E. Love, Oklahoma City, Entrepreneur
John W. Montgomery, Poteau, Veterinarian
*Samuel Lloyd Noble, Ardmore, Oilman
Marian P. Opala, Oklahoma City, Jurist
Darrell Royal, Austin, TX, Coach
Charles Schusterman, Tulsa, Philanthropist

G.T. Blankenship, Banking, Oklahoma City
John Brock, Tulsa, Oilman
Luke Corbett, Oklahoma City, Oilman
Howard Lester, San Francisco, CA, Entrepreneur
Roxana Lorton, Tulsa, Civic Leader
Larry Nichols, Oklahoma City, Oilman
C.D. Northcutt, Ponca City, Attorney

Chester Cadieux, Tulsa, Entrepreneur
Ralph Ellison, Oklahoma City, Author
Josie Freede, Oklahoma City, Philanthropist
John Massey, Durant, Banker
W. DeVier Pearson, Washington, D.C., Attorney
Richard Sias, Oklahoma City, Oilman
Wes Watkins, Stillwater, Public Service

William Crawford, Frederick
George Henderson, Norman
Robert S. Kerr, Jr., Oklahoma City
William G. Paul, Oklahoma City
Boone Pickens, Dallas, Texas
Milann Siegfried, Tulsa
William K. Warren, Jr., Tulsa

Bill Anoatubby, Ada
Molly Shi Boren, Norman
Frederick Drummond, Pawhuska
William E. Durrett, Oklahoma City
Christine Everest, Oklahoma City
Leona Mitchell, Enid
R. James Woolsey, McLean, Virginia

Andrew Coats, Oklahoma City
Nancy Payne Ellis, Oklahoma City
Gilbert Gibson, Lawton
Frank Keating, Washington, D.C.
Peter Meinig, Tulsa
Bobby Murcer, Edmond
Edward Ruscha, Venice, CA
Cyril Wagner, Midland, TX

Bob Burke, Oklahoma City, Historian/Author
Glen D. Johnson Jr., Durant, Educator
King Kirchner, Tulsa, Businessman and Pilot
J. Philip Kistler, Belmont, Mass., Physician and Researcher
Tom McDaniel, Oklahoma City, Educator
Lynn Schusterman, Tulsa, Philanthropist
Woody Guthrie, Okemah, Folk Singer


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One thing I don't get ... why aren't either Henry or Edward Overholser included in the list of inductees? That doesn't compute at all, at least not to me!

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