Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wiley Post's Memorial

On August 23, 1935, Wiley Hardeman Post was buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, immediately east of Broadway, just south of Memorial Road. Earlier in the day, at the First Baptist Church in Oklahoma City at the most attended funeral in the city's history, said,

“Who are these that fly as a cloud?” was the appropriate Scriptural text chosen by the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City in pronouncing the Post funeral oration. Posterity, and loyal Oklahomans everywhere who honor his memory may well reply: 'These are they whose flights bear them into the unknown and to untried heights, ever doing with all their God-given might, even as Wiley Post, the things they want to do, to advance the boundaries of knowledge and the well being of humanity'."
My excellent daughter, Mary, and my can't-get-better-than-that son-in-law, Brian, and family members had occasion to visit the cemetery today, remembering their precious baby, Ella Elizabeth, my granddaughter. She is laid to rest 35 or so yards from Wiley Post's grave. Being so close-by to Wiley, she's probably up there in those clouds with him, and, about that, I have no doubt at all!

While there, I took these pictures of Wiley Post's Memorial to share with you. The memorial was funded and erected not too long ago by several in Oklahoma and Oklahoma City – sorry, but I don't have more detail just yet – I'll find out more and edit this post later as well as post more sharply defined images.

For now, enjoy these pics taken today, July 22, 2006.

For much more about Wiley Post, see Wiley Post, An Oklahoma City Hero.


Doug Dawg said...

Thanks, Karrie, I'm just learning, too!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool, he is my great-great-great uncle on my father's side.

Doug Dawg said...

Very nice, Jennifer!