Thursday, August 17, 2006

Downtown Skyline

Ahh ... digital cameras! They provide a great way to spend an afternoon ... though it may not be so good to take pics on the interstates while driving, as most of the following were ... hence some are not as "sharp" as I'd like.

Anyway, here are 11 pics of the downtown skyline taken on 8/16/2006. The map below shows the relative vantage point of each image. Enjoy!

Click on a pic below for a 1024 x something (depth varies) pixel image.

#1 - Approaching Western on eastbound I-40 (not shown in the map)

#2 - Approaching Walker on eastbound I-40

#3 - Bricktown view from westbound I-40

#4 - Sonic headquarters from westbound I-40

#5 - Merging onto I-235 from westbound I-40 south of Reno

#6 - Around Reno from northbound I-235

#7 - Around NE 5th from northbound I-235

#8 - Downtown from Harrison near Walnut

#9 - Downtown from Harrison near Oklahoma

#10 - Downtown from NE 3rd and Oklahoma

#11 - From the northwest side of downtown on NW 5th approaching Walker

What a great place we have in downtown Oklahoma City!


Anonymous said...


Good job! I especially like number 10 and number 11. 10 has that street level view that makes it look very big. 11 is just cool. I have been meaning to take a picture or two from the Exchange Avenue Bridge, I've always thought that was a good view of many of the buildings. If there was a safe way to take pics circling onto I-40 Westbound from I-35 - that would make an awesome picture. I've just never figured out a very safe way to do it. I don't trust the truckers that fly around there.

Aren't digital cameras great? I have taken on the project - in my spare time - of snapping pics of old signs. There are so many classic neon signs in Oklahoma City and I think I have got a good many of them over the past year or so.

Oklahoma City is such a great place - and Doug, nobody is doing a better job in documenting our city, (in such interactive ways!) than you are.

BTW, your Oklahoma River research and presentation was top notch!

Kudos, my friend.

- writerranger

Doug Dawg said...

Thanks for the kewl comments, writerranger ... much appreciated!

I have to admit that to do #11 I had to hold my camera higher than my head and peek between a segment of the chain link fence! Not the surest way to take a pic! Of course, it wasn't properly horizontally aligned but I did my best to touch it up and crop out the crap that would otherwise be shown!

Safety! I have to admit that I was pretty stupid to take the interstate pics while driving ... but there was no shoulder to pull over on ... oh, well, I've lived to tell the tale and haven't harmed anyone ... yet! I've got to say that I did have a few shivers when taking some of the Oklahoma River pics ... especially those on interstates but also parking on bridges which crossed the river! One never knows when one's number is up!

Thanks again for your kind words, writerranger. I look forward to seeing your "sign" pics ... sounds like a lot of fun! Go get 'em!

Jason said...

I like #8 as it is my favorite entrance into downtown.

Doug Dawg said...

Thanks, jason. Yes, I think so, too. It will be especially nice once some of the new Triangle projects get done.

Anonymous said...

Well it's difficult to say which will be the best view once any project is finished, because there will be great projects springing up on all sides of downtown.