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Hornets Schedule & Results

12/22/06 Edited Note: See for a later version of this post.

The Hornets preseason is now half done and we are 1-2 ... win at home over the Mavericks, loss at home against Orlando, loss last night in Miami. I'll update this page at the end of preseason when I have time.

My biggest surprise so far: #2 Jannero Pargo, coming off the bench (9 points v. Dallas, 7 v. Orlando, 22 v. Miami).

Next Oklahoma City game: 11/7 v. Golden State Warriors. Be there!

This post contains this year's schedule, scores, and attendance. This page will be updated as the season progresses when I have time.

Click on team name for its NBA schedule page; click on Attendance % for host arena info
Light purple=Okc games; light blue=New Orleans games
NOTE: Links after November are not finished.

Tue 10/10/06Dallas7:00 88-811-01-00-013,64771%
Fri 10/13/06Orlando7:00 85-1001-11-10-014,47576%
Tue 10/17/06@Miami6:30 105-1091-21-10-1???N/A
Thu 10/19/06@Golden State @LA6:00 N/A
Sun 10/22/06@Sacramento7:00 N/A
Tue 10/24/06@Sacramento9:00 N/A
Wed 11/1/06@Boston6:30 N/A
Fri 11/3/06@Indiana6:00NBA N/A
Sun 11/5/06Houston@NO6:00 N/A
Tue 11/7/06Golden State7:00 N/A
Thu 11/9/06@Golden State9:30 N/A
Fri 11/10/06@Portland9:00 N/A
Sun 11/12/06@LA Clippers2:30NBA N/A
Tue 11/14/06Charlotte7:00 N/A
Wed 11/15/06@Detroit6:30 N/A
Sat 11/18/06@Minnesota7:00 N/A
Tue 11/21/06Miami7:00 N/A
Wed 11/22/06@Phoenix8:00 N/A
Fri 11/24/06Minnesota7:00 N/A
Sat 11/25/06@Dallas7:30 N/A
Tue 11/28/06Toronto7:00 N/A
Fri 12/1/06Chicago7:00 N/A
Wed 12/6/06@LA Lakers9:30 N/A
Fri 12/8/06@Seattle9:30 N/A
Sat 12/9/06@Golden State9:30 N/A
Mon 12/11/06Cleveland7:00NBA N/A
Thu 12/14/06San Antonio @NO8:30TNT N/A
Sat 12/16/06Dallas @NO7:00 N/A
Mon 12/18/06@Miami6:30 N/A
Wed 12/20/06@Orlando6:00 N/A
Fri 12/22/06Memphis7:00 N/A
Sat 12/23/06San Antonio7:00NBA N/A
Tue 12/26/06@Seattle9:00 N/A
Wed 12/27/06@Portland9:00 N/A
Fri 12/29/06Denver7:00 N/A
Sat 12/30/06@Dallas7:30 N/A
Tue 1/2/07Golden State7:00 N/A
Thu 1/4/07Detroit7:00TNT N/A
Sat 1/6/07Indiana7:00 N/A
Mon 1/8/07LA Clippers7:00 N/A
Wed 1/10/07@Atlanta6:00 N/A
Fri 1/12/07Washington7:00ESPN N/A
Sat 1/13/07@Milwaukee7:30 N/A
Tue 1/16/07Orlando7:00NBA N/A
Fri 1/19/07@San Antonio7:00 N/A
Sat 1/20/07LA Lakers7:00 N/A
Tue 1/23/07@Philadelphia7:00 N/A
Wed 1/24/07@Toronto6:00 N/A
Fri 1/26/07Sacramento @NO7:00 N/A
Sat 1/27/07Utah7:00 N/A
Mon 1/29/07Portland7:00 N/A
Wed 1/31/07Philadelphia7:00 N/A
Fri 2/2/07Minnesota7:00 N/A
Sat 2/3/07@Houston7:30 N/A
Mon 2/5/07@Sacramento9:00 N/A
Wed 2/7/07@Denver8:00 N/A
Thu 2/8/07Milwaukee7:00 N/A
Sat 2/10/07Memphis7:00NBA N/A
Tue 2/13/07@Memphis7:00 N/A
Wed 2/14/07Sacramento7:00 N/A
Tue 2/20/07@Charlotte6:00 N/A
Wed 2/21/07@New Jersey6:30 N/A
Fri 2/23/07Seattle @NO7:00 N/A
Tue 2/27/07@Cleveland6:00 N/A
Wed 2/28/07Atlanta7:00 N/A
Fri 3/2/07@Chicago7:30 N/A
Sun 3/4/07Utah6:00 N/A
Tue 3/6/07@Denver8:00 N/A
Fri 3/9/07@Phoenix8:00 N/A
Sat 3/10/07@Utah8:00 N/A
Tue 3/13/07New Jersey7:00 N/A
Fri 3/16/07@New York6:30 N/A
Sat 3/17/07@Washington6:00NBA N/A
Mon 3/19/07Boston7:00 N/A
Tue 3/20/07@Memphis7:00 N/A
Fri 3/23/07LA Lakers @NO7:00 N/A
Sun 3/25/07Houston2:30ABC N/A
Tue 3/27/07Dallas7:00 N/A
Wed 3/28/07@San Antonio7:00 N/A
Sat 3/31/07New York7:00 N/A
Wed 4/4/07Seattle7:00 N/A
Fri 4/6/07Phoenix7:00 N/A
Sat 4/7/07@Minnesota7:00 N/A
Tue 4/10/07LA Clippers7:00 N/A
Fri 4/13/07Denver7:00 N/A
Sat 4/14/07@Houston7:30 N/A
Mon 4/16/07@Sacramento9:00 N/A
Wed 4/18/07@LA Clippers9:30ESPN N/A

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