Monday, October 08, 2007

Preview ...

... of a Family's Legacy ... coming soon!

If you can, figure out what each of the pictures below have in common ... which family's legacy is the common denominator of the images below ... as usual, click on an image for a larger view ...

The Legacy Of A Builder ... But Who?
Here's a clue ... this contractor also built the Commerce Exchange Building

1100 NW 13th
515 NW 13th
Little Flower Church
NW 5th & Hudson
Liberty Theater
Medical Arts Building
Motor Hotel on Hudson
St. Joseph's
Plaza Court
Osler Building
Our Lady's Cathedral
Tradesmen's Bank
Biltmore Hotel

The Legacy Of A Child ... But Who?
Here's a clue ... she was the 1st woman to receive an engineering degree at the University of Oklahoma

All this, and much more, will be shortly revealed!

Edited note on May 21, 2008: Definition: "Shortly revealed" = 7 months! Better late than never! Here is The Reinhart Legacy - Part 1, with much more still to come!

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