Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Centennial Storm

Since Sunday, December 9, Oklahoma, particularly central Oklahoma, has been experiencing one of its worst ice storms, perhaps the worst ever to visit the capitol city. I've heard in the news that, statewide, as many as 3/4 million are without electricity, and the Oklahoma City portion of that number is huge (including me, my son, my daughter, and, of course, all of my immediate neighbors)! Estimates are that it may take 6-7 working days for electricity to be restored to all those affected. So, until my home is "on line" again, my "blogging time" is limited to my office computer, downtown, which has electricity! I'll add more description to this post later. Click on any pic for a 1024 x 768 px view.

Edited on Wednesday evening, 12/12/07 ... our power just came on ... 6:45 p.m.! Yea! While it's certainly been plenty cold in Doug Dawgz house until just a few minutes ago, we did make do with lots of covers and candles and flashlights for illumination ...

... and, like these tall poplars across the street, though substantially pruned, we're still standing! This pic was taken around 6:00 a.m. this morning (Wednesday) from my front porch ...

Here are a few pics of the "Beauty" and the "Beast" we are currently experiencing ... these pics were mostly taken in Mesta Park but a few were in Heritage Hills.

THE BEAUTY. Regardless of the destruction, ice storms can produce incredible beauty as well. This one is no different ...

THE BEAST. Sadly, with such icy beauty comes tragedy, loss of life, and injury to property. These images show just a little of the latter.

Overholser Mansion

On Walker

My Front Porch

That's all for now ... I'll add more later.

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