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OKC 2008-2009 Schedule & Results

Updated after 2/8/2009 game

Oklahoma City Thunder Schedule & Results

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This schedule will be updated as the 1st season for the Oklahoma City Thunder (officially named 9/3/2008) progresses. It will also be modified to add other features than are in this initial version. Reader comments are invited as to the data this post should contain. Click on a city link for pics and capacity of its arena -- arena capacities shown are generally what was true in 2006 and that may have changed. In the Opening Night game, the 19,136 attendance was deemed a sellout so the Ford Center's seating capacity is evidently less than the 19,164 capacity during the Hornet's last season here. If an OKC home game is a sellout, the attendance number will be red, as shown for the pending regular season opening game, below. The official logo for the Thunder appears at the right (adapted by me to show a black background).

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1Wed 10/8@ Minnesota +8:00 82-880-10-00-13,817
2Fri 10/10@ Sacramento9:0085-940-20-00-29,004
3Sat 10/11@ Golden State9:30102-1220-30-00-313,723
4Mon 10/13@ Houston *7:30110-1041-30-01-39,560
5Tue 10/14 LA Clippers7:0088-901-40-11-316,410
6Thu 10/23@ Phoenix9:0093-1021-50-11-418,422
7Fri 10/24@ LA Lakers **9:3094-1051-60-11-510,316
+ Game 1 is played in Billings, Montana
* Game 4 is played in Tulsa
** Game 7 is played in Ontario, CA


1Wed 10/29Milwaukee7:0087-980-10-10-0 19,136
2Sat 11/1@ Houston7:3077-890-20-10-116,996
3Sun 11/2Minnesota6:0088-851-21-10-118,163
4Wed 11/5Boston7:0083-961-31-20-119,136
5Fri 11/7@ Utah8:0097-1041-41-20-219,911
6Sun 11/9Atlanta6:0085-891-51-30-218,231
7Mon 11/10@ Indiana6:0099-1071-61-30-310,165
8Wed 11/12Orlando7:0092-1091-71-40-318,185
9Fri 11/14@ New York6:30106-1161-81-40-418,008
10Sat 11/15@ Philadelphia6:0085-1101-91-40-513,385
11Mon 11/17Houston7:0089-1001-101-50-518,145
12Wed 11/19LA Clippers7:0088-1081-111-60-518,312
13Fri 11/21New Orleans8:3080-1051-121-70-519,136
14Sat 11/22@ New Orleans7:0097-1091-131-70-616,023
15Tue 11/25Phoenix7:0098-991-141-80-619,136
16Wed 11/26@ Cleveland6:0082-1171-151-80-719,753
17Fri 11/28Minnesota7:00103-1051-161-90-718,229
18Sat 11/29@ Memphis6:00111-1032-161-91-711,977
19Wed 12/03@ Charlotte6:0097-1032-171-91-811,629
20Fri 12/05@ Orlando6:0089-982-181-91-916,812
21Sat 12/06@ Miami6:3099-1052-191-91-1017,585
22Mon 12/08Golden State7:00102-1122-201-101-1017,854
23Wed 12/10Memphis7:00102-1082-211-111-1018,009
24Sat 12/13@ Dallas7:3099-1032-221-111-1120,190
25Sun 12/14@ San Antonio6:00104-1092-231-111-1217,419
26Tue 12/16LA Clippers7:0088-982-241-121-1218,275
27Fri 12/19Toronto7:0091-833-242-121-1218,806
28Sun 12/21Cleveland6:0091-1023-252-131-1219,136
29Tue 12/23@ Atlanta6:0088-993-262-131-1312,138
30Fri 12/26@ Detroit7:0088-903-272-131-1422,076
31Sat 12/27@ Washington6:0095-1043-282-131-1516,181
32Mon 12/29Phoenix7:00102-1103-292-141-1519,136
33Wed 12/31Golden State7:00107-1004-293-141-1518,229
34Fri 1/2Denver7:00120-1224-303-151-1518,613
35Tue 1/6New York7:00107-995-304-151-1518,487
36Wed 1/7@ Minnesota7:0087-1295-314-151-1610,272
37Fri 1/9Houston7:0096-985-324-161-1619,136
38Sat 1/10@ Chicago7:30109-98 OT6-324-162-1620,469
39Mon 1/12@ New Jersey6:3099-1036-334-162-1712,972
40Wed 1/14Utah7:00114-937-335-162-1718,437
41Fri 1/16Detroit7:0089-798-336-162-1719,136
42Sun 1/18Miami6:0094-1048-346-172-1719,136
43Wed 1/21@ Golden State9:30122-1219-346-173-1719,318
44Fri 1/23@ LA Clippers9:30104-1079-356-173-1814,913
45Mon 1/26New Jersey7:0094-8510-357-173-1818,264
46Wed 1/28Memphis7:00114-102 OT11-358-173-1818,450
47Fri 1/30@ Utah9:3090-11011-368-173-1819,911
48Sun 2/1@ Sacramento8:00118-12211-378-173-1810,817
49Wed 2/4Denver7:00113-11411-388-183-2018,332
50Fri 2/6Portland7:00102-9312-389-183-2018,694
51Sun 2/8Sacramento6:00116-11313-3810-183-2018,271
52Tue 2/10@ LA Lakers9:30
53Wed 2/11@ Portland9:00
54Tue 2/17New Orleans7:00
55Fri 2/20@ Phoenix8:00
56Sat 2/21@ Golden State9:30
57Tue 2/24LA Lakers7:00
58Fri 2/27@ Dallas7:30
59Sat 2/28@ Memphis7:00
60Mon 3/2Dallas7:00
61Wed 3/4Washington7:00
62Sat 3/7@ New Orleans7:00
63Sun 3/8Philadelphia6:00
64Tue 3/10@ Sacramento9:00
65Wed 3/11@ Denver8:00
66Sat 3/14@ Phoenix9:00
67Mon 3/16San Antonio7:00
68Wed 3/18Chicago7:00
69Fri 3/20Utah7:00
70Sun 3/22@ Minnesota2:30
71Tue 3/24LA Lakers7:00
72Fri 3/27@ Toronto6:00
73Sun 3/29@ Boston6:00
74Tue 3/31@ San Antonio7:00
75Fri 4/3Portland7:00
76Sun 4/5Indiana6:00
77Tue 4/7San Antonio7:00
78Wed 4/8@ Denver8:00
79Fri 4/10Charlotte7:00
80Sat 4/11@ Milwaukee7:30
81Mon 4/13@ Portland9:00
82Wed 4/15@ LA Clippers*9:30
* Game 82 is played in Phoenix

HOW'S OUR ATTENDANCE? The table/spreadsheet below matches Oklahoma City against itself for paid attendance. It compares how Oklahoma City did when it hosted the Hornets and shows how its doing with its own team. For good or for ill, the numbers will speak for themselves as the season progresses. At this point, Oklahoma City is slightly above its previous 2-season average attendance. For an NBA comparison, Oklahoma City ranks 12th in the NBA. Go to ESPN's attendance rankings for more detail.

Click on the chart for a more readable view

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Anonymous said...

Something about that song and the thought of being inside the Ford Center on Opening Night gives me chill pumps!!!!! I'm ready!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a great job on the video. I am very excited about the NBA coming here as well as the name. Thanks for all the contributions you make to the and


Doug Dawg said...

Thanks, guys. The video is evolving ... wish I could do better with it.

NBAOKC said...

Awesome video. You are a great ambassador for the City. Thanks to you, Betts and others who take time and effort to put together Blogs, Web Sites, and other sites dedicated to our past, present, and future.

Doug Dawg said...


Anonymous said...

The attendance chart is useless. That is paid attendance not butts in the seats. Your chart has no bearing since it will never ever drop below the season tickets sold, which we all know is not the true measure of attendance.

I don't mean to offend, and I think the number of season tickets sold is incredible but the chart is basically a wall of lies considering we all know attendance is not nearly as high as your chart suggests.

Doug Dawg said...

Anon, when better figures become known to me, I'll use them. For now, reports from the NBA are what I have to go by. And, for comparison consistency over the 3 seasons, the same type of data is used.