Tuesday, September 02, 2008

When You're Good, Sometimes You're Just Being Lucky

While working on saving files in anticipation of creating a new template for this blog this morning, I got a call from my good friend Steve Lackmeyer with the Oklahoman and co-author of OKC: 2nd Time Around, and he asked what I thought about making page 2 of today's Oklahoman. "Huh?" I said (utilizing once again my remarkably high command of the English language). He asked if I'd read my paper this morning, and I said, "No, I'm trying to upgrade my blog ... have you seen my last blog post?" "No," he said, he'd not been there and done that just yet!

So, I went outside and frantically ripped open the plastic container which contained my new present rather like Ralphie in the movie A Christmas Story with his hands a-blazing when opening up his new Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle on Christmas morning in Hammond (I originally said Terre Haute, but thanks to a comment by Scott Selva, below, I stand corrected), Indiana, oh so long ago!

And there it was, on page 2, just like he said!

You don't have to be "good" with friends like Steve, just being lucky enough to have friends like him is enough!

Thanks, Steve! And, of course, if you don't regularly do so already, visit his great OKC Central blog to get breaking news about our fair city. Besides that, be sure to check out his upcoming Arcadia book, Bricktown, when it becomes available a few months from now. I've seen a draft of it, and you'll need to have it in your library, and that's a promise from Doug Dawg! By the way, Steve's photo at the top of this article was taken on March 4, 2008, at the March 4 Vote's watch party ... so maybe Steve is also enjoying Disney World and a pony and all that other stuff, just like me! PLUS, this morning, I finally got a phone call from a ticket rep for our new NBA team ... I was sweating not having had such a call sooner ... so far, it has been quite a lucky day for Doug Dawg all the way around!


S said...

Congrats on making it in to your local newspaper!

Now for something completely irrelevant:

As a Terre Haute resident, I must let you know that A Christmas Story did not take place in my town. It took place in Northern Indiana, if I'm not mistaken.

Doug Dawg said...

Thanks, Scott. Accuracy is always my goal, so accuracy is ALWAYS relevant! For some reason, my memory told me the town was Terre Haute, but thanks for the correction! I shoulda known better than to trust my memory! I'll edit the post. According to what I just read at Wikipedia about the movie, "It's 1948, in the fictional northern Indiana town of Hohman (based on real-life Hammond, IN)." So there you go!

Jason said...

Good job Doug! Well deserved attention for your great work here.

Doug Dawg said...

Thanks, Jason. We ought to collaborate on something, one day!

Jason said...