Monday, February 07, 2011

Oklahoma City Thunder — The Voice of Thousands is the Voice of One Team

Whenever you want or when you can't sleep, what's a great way to pass the time?

Watch Oklahoma City Thunder's scores of on-line videos, that's how.

The official Oklahoma City Thunder website contains scores of videos for your enjoyment. Many are short clips, like the cool promotional video at the top of this article, others are 3-minute videos of games played, others show outstanding dunks, a peep at the Thunder Girls, the talents of Rumble the Bison, Thunder involvement in the community, etc., but the best, in my opinion, are the every-Thursday weekly 22-minute Inside Thunder programs showing the week gone in review, without commercial interruption. But, where to go?

Of course, you can feel through the menus at Thunder's official website to get there ... but you can get there more quickly by clicking here and, once there, adding the link to your web browser's favorites list.

In that page, notice that you can search for what you want. In the example below, I want to filter out everything but the Thunder Insider weekly shows. Note how I've used the search tool:

As an example, here's the most recent (as this post is made) Thunder Insider, Episode 16, for your viewing pleasure, courtesy the Oklahoma City Thunder.

That's really all I wanted to say in this brief post ... just show you one of the places that you can go if you are an Oklahoma City Thunder fan and have time on your hands.

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