Thursday, February 28, 2008

Breaking Through

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The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce held its "Breaking Through" luncheon in the Grand Ballroom of the Skirvin Hilton today, February 28. Featured speaker was Rick Horrow ... and Doug Dawg is your friendly correspondent!

On the landing outside the Grand Ballroom

Walking Around the Ballroom As People Started Coming In
That's Ted Streuli of the Journal Record and Julie Riggs
in the foreground setting up a live video feed to the Journal Record.

A streaming video of the entire affair is at the Journal Record website. You might read Mr. Streuli's comments first so that you can skip to the actual speech. The video is also embedded, below.

Sitting With Some Friends

The Skirvin Fed The Folks Very Very Well!

The Speaker Gets His Turn.
And, man, did he deliver a great great speech!

It was a fantastic event ... Doug Dawg is even more pumped now! I'll add more description later today.

Here's the Chamber's video. You can use the "slider" to get past the dead space while people were eating ... go to about 45%-48% of the way through the whole video and you'll find the speech.

Chamber's Big League City MySpace Page
Chamber's Big League City web page

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