Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We Are The Champions!

We did it, Oklahoma City! Yes: 62% No: 38%!

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The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce held its Major League City campaign Watch Party at Nonna's in Bricktown on March 4, 2008, and the party was a celebration of victory for Oklahoma City and its ongoing march toward American greatness! There won't be much text in this post ... all the words that need to be have already been spoken. Just look at the pictures and enjoy being a champion, once again, Oklahoma City ... our vision of and for our own future since 1993 is alive and well!

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Watch Party Host Avis Scaramucci and
Mike Carrier, President of the OKC Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Metro" (left), Mike Cornett (center), & Bart Conner (right)

John Q. Porter (center)

Lovely Ladies Helping Everyone Out

John Williams, Skirvin Hilton's general manager (left)

Bart Conner and his wife Nadia Comaneci
(Romania's gift to Bart and Okc)
and Roy Williams, Chamber President

In Berry Tramel's article after the final vote tally, he would say,
That vision took another step Tuesday. Giddy night. Historic night. Voters passing the Ford Center makeover by a 62-38 margin. OKC perhaps leaping the big not-if-but-when hurdle on the NBA Sonics relocating to Oklahoma City. The momentum of a remade city only rising.
Below, he takes copious notes before the evening was done ...

Downtown OKC's Marketing Director Kim Searls
and Some Not-That-Old Oklahoma City Guy

OKC Council Member Pete White & the Oklahoman's Steve Lackmeyer

Kim & Tom Searls

Mayor Mick Finally Tells Us
What We've Been Waiting For and Wanting To Hear
We really are creating a city where people want to be, and this is a golden age in Oklahoma City. I think someday we will look back and people will realize it.

I’m thrilled that the voters believe in the future of Oklahoma City. This assures that we’re going to be competitive in getting Big 12 events and NCAA events, concerts and conventions. The improvements are going to be fabulous. I can’t wait for the people to see them.

We know we have some work to do and we'll get to it starting first thing tomorrow morning. We will not let you down.

City Council Member Pete White, Steve Lackmeyer,
and Council Member Gary Marrs

Downtown OKC does not get a better reporter-advocate than Steve Lackmeyer

Hi, Doug Dawg! (from the small person in the center)

The Chamber's Julie Riggs (center) and Berry Tramel (right)

Mayor Mick & His Happy and Amazingly Handsome Grandson

I left around 9:15 and pinched myself. Was this all REAL? The only way to know for sure was to watch TV News at 10:00 ...

Yep! If it's on TV, it MUST be real!
Doug Dawg Is So Happy That It Hurts!

City pioneers Henry and Edward Overholser, Charles Colcord, C.G. "Gristmill" Jones, John Shartel and Anton Classen, as well as Deep Deucians Zelia Page Breaux, Charlie Christian, Jimmy Rushing and Ralph Waldo Ellison, and many others, must surely have been grinning ear to ear on this most excellent of Oklahoma City nights!

Oh, yeah ... Tulsa ... SEE YA! That said, Oklahoma City's vote may help you, too.

Chamber's Big League City MySpace Page
Chamber's Big League City web page

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Anonymous said...


I want to say a very BIG thank you to you and to all that voted YES for this. This a dream come true!
From all of us here in Pauls Valley, we will do what ever it takes to support that franchise!!!

Thanks again,
myhornets2 (I`m going to have to rename that soon!!)

Doug Dawg said...

Thanks, myhornets2! It was a fine fine effort by many and I hope that I may have helped even if only a little. This is a fine new day for Oklahoma City ... so come on up and bring some Fields pecan pie with you! I guess that still exists, I hope so!