Friday, July 18, 2008

OKC NBA References & Peep Shows

Updated December 9, 2008

Now that OKC's most popular NBA forum,, has renamed itself and migrated to its new location with better software and a 100% Thunder focus, I'm a happy guy!

As this is written, that forum's archives remain available.

But, to even lurk at that fine fan forum, you must be willing to risk the wrath of the Oklahoman's Berry Tramel if you do, since he told us all that to do so you are merely "driving the getaway car" and are participating in "peep shows" that have "no more redeeming qualities than a porn site." Hence, the name of this article. Click his video to get his opinions about internet fan forums.
In my opinion, the best web reference for the Thunder is what I regard as Oklahoma City's principal fan forum, around since October 2005. There, you'll quickly find internet links to media articles from around the country on OKC's NBA team, reported there as almost as fast as they appear on the internet -- everyone from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, the team's official website, as well as pieces contained in the national and local press, including but not limited to the Oklahoman. Go there and judge for yourself.

Below, I've listed internet resources that will come in handy in reading more about our new NBA franchise, the Oklahoma City Thunder!

NBA Home Page
NBA Division Standings
NBA Conference Standings
NBA Live Audio
ESPN Attendance Records
Official Website
@ Yahoo
@ Sports Illustrated
@ CBS Sports
News @ Google
News @ Oklahoman
News @ Channel 9
KSBI 52 (Thunder TV)
New Forums That Are Trying
OPUBCO's Forums
Thunder Courts
Rolling Thunder
Okc Thunder Forum
Daily Thunder
See my review of the above blog
Blue Blitz
Darnell Mayberry's Blog
Thunder in OKC
Schedule & Results
Team Members
Game Pics
Thunder Dancers
This Blog's NBA Index
Thunder Screen Savers
So, as Berry Tramel put it, enjoy the "Peep Shows!" Here's hoping that Berry Tramel will lighten up on "peep shows" and will have a nice day!


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Joe T. said...

heya, check out

Doug Dawg said...

Thanks, Joe T. I've added a link to your blog, above.

Joe said...

I'd love to have my blog included.

Thanks kindly.


Doug Dawg said...

It will be done. I think that I'll reorganize this post so that "blogs," per se, have a distinct section. Yours (which I've just today become acquainted with) certainly excels but I've learned of others that are good, too.

The more, the merrier!

Doug Dawg said...

I received an anonymous comment from one wishing to link to a scumbag blog which vilifies Oklahoma City and the PBC. Sorry ... my blog ... no will do. Go somewhere else for that.