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Note: Edited on September 21, 2010, to reflect the name change from to, and to re-embed the video shown below. Many thanks to Pauline in her comment below for calling this problem to my attention.

OKLAHOMA! I generally restrict my articles to the Oklahoma City metro area but do make occasional exceptions. The Wichita Mountains article was one exception and this is another. Many thanks to AFCM, a poster at for calling this to our (at least, my) attention in this thread there. Although I've added a link to in the "Links" sidebar in the left panel, I feel the need to be move overt than that, hence this post.

A stunningly gorgeous Oklahoma video from that website is shown below. For reasons I don't know, it ends a little prematurely and I'm trying to figure that out. It seems to run full length in the host's website: Click here to play the video there.

The text associated with this video at reads,
Everyone knows Oklahoma is flat, right? Wrong! Visit the 1,000 square miles in the Arbuckle mountain range, or see the rocky granite at the Wichita Mountains or Quartz Mountains. Don't forget Oklahoma's highest point, Black Mesa, standing at 4,973 feet above sea level. Along with the Glass Mountains and the Ouachita Mountains, it's true, Oklahoma rocks!
I really need to explore that fine website much more and will be doing so in the weeks and months ahead. I thought that maybe people interested in this blog might want to do that, as well.

Below, a collage of screen captures in the above video is presented ... you may like to have it as your wallpaper from time to time ... the "largest" and "smallest" files are proportionally correct but the 1024 px wide version has been modified to fit a 1024 x 768 px display. I've reduced JPEG compression to the lowest level for these beautiful images of Oklahoma, so the files are larger than usual.

Click here for a 1254 x 962 px file, proportionally correct
Click the image below for a 1024 x 768 px file (slightly modified)

This is my shortest post ever, but the above video speaks thousands of words!


Pauline said...

I couldn't get the video to start but the photos are beautiful. I have not yet been to Oklahoma although I have visited the uS a number of times. It is going on my list of places to go when the kids have grown up and stopped spending all my money.

Doug Dawg said...

Pauline, thanks much for your comment. It caused me to check out what I now see is the former OklaTravelNet ... but is now The video has different embed code and it should work now. For reasons I don't know it ends a little prematurely and if I can figure that problem out, I will.