Monday, June 13, 2011

Choi Sung-Bong

This isn't about Oklahoma City history or even its politics ... not even Oklahoma or the United States of America. It's about a 22-year old Korean boy whose story, if we are willing, can capture the most jaded part of us all, that being the story of Choi Sung-Bong.

Do you know him? No. Would you like to? Yes, I'm thinking.

This has got to be one of the rare "feel good" moments not only in Korea but around the world. I thank my good friend Dean Schirf for making me aware, as he always does ...

There really isn't any more, but if you like the above, you might like his Fan Facebook Page.

May you and I enjoy all genuine good feelings wherever they are to be found.


Judy said...

There's my cry for the evening. What an amazing story and what an amazing kid. Thank you for sharing this--puts one's own problems in perspective, doesn't it?

Doug Dawg said...

Indeed it does. Magical moments only happen rarely, and this has to be one of them, in my opinion of what the gods that be might allow.

Latchkey 387 said...

muntik na ako maiyak sa kuwento ng buhay niya at nang marinig ko na kanta at ganda ng boses niya ay natuluyang bumagsak ang luha ko. napakagaling mo mr choi sung-bong. alam ko malayo ang mararating mo. go on young man you'll be a big star soon!