Monday, October 15, 2007

Centennial Parade 2A

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This is a continuation of Centennial Parade 2 and contains images not included in that post. Centennial Parade 2 covered (1) Street People; (2) Aircraft; (3) Bands; and (4) Cars. This one covers (5) Horses (mainly); (6) Walkers; and (7) Balloons & Floats. Not everything in the parade is included, but most of it is. I'll add more descriptive text later.

HORSES & OTHER ANIMALS. From horses to cattle to llamas, the parade included some magnificent animals ... my favorite is the last to be shown below.

Doug Dawgz Favorite Horses -- The Budweiser Clydesdales

WALKERS. This section contains pics of people who basically walked or danced or otherwise moved on their feet in the parade.

Doug Dawgz Favorite Walkers -- From the Heart Hospital

BALLOONS & FLOATS. Due the wind, the balloons were kept fairly low ... even then there was occasional "control" trouble.

Doug Dawgz Favorite Float or Baloon

Unfortunately, I was not at the end of the parade where
Rocketman exited the top of the float and flew and where
a musical closing finale was presented.

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Anonymous said...

Doug I saw the picture of your wife, you definitely
married up. Norman

Doug Dawg said...

Absolutely! I'm a lucky dawg!