Monday, October 15, 2007

Oklahoma Centennial Parade 2

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Per the earlier Centennial Parade article, yesterday, October 14, 2007, the Oklahoma Centennial Parade occurred as planned! I'll add more descriptive text later ... but for now ... have a look!

As usual, click on any image for a larger view.

I'll show as many images as I have and will add Doug Dawgz "Best of" in each category. This page contains (1) Street People; (2) Aircraft; (3) Bands; and (4) Cars. Oklahoma Centennial 2A contains (5) Horses & Other Animals; (6) Walkers; and (6) Balloons & Floats.

STREET PEOPLE. Probably my favorite "thing" about it all was that so very many people found themselves downtown to view this spectacle. According to the Oklahoman, about 175,000 watched from the streets and another 25,000 from hotel rooms along the way -- 200,000 watchers altogether (not counting those who watched on TV)! After all, the Centennial is about a people, us Okies, and so having a look at some of them is a good place to start!

First, I got my base in the Broadway/Kerr Garage identified and took a few pics before the parade began. My "vantage" point for the parade pics appears below:

From the 2nd Floor of the Broadway/Kerr Garage on Gaylord

Looking North On Gaylord

Panning Toward The East

Across the Street - My 1st "Best" Award - Best Street Person: My Wife!

I had a little time after getting my "parade place" fixed, so I decided to walk the parade route from the garage to its starting point north of the Myriad Gardens. The pics which follow are people along the route ...

Street Level Looking North

Street Level Looking South

Further South on Gaylord Looking North

Approaching the Santa Fe Depot on Gaylord

At the Santa Fe Depot

Looking West To Cox Convention Center

Approaching Reno

Almost to Reno Looking Southwest

Looking West on Reno

On Reno Looking North

At Reno & Robinson Looking Northwest

At Reno & Robinson Looking North

At Main & Robinson Looking West -- Parade About To Start!

BANDS. At this point, the parade started, and the next three pics show the All Star Centennial Band as it rounds the corner to head south on Robinson.

After the above pic, I hustled back to my parade "vantage point" just in time to see the All Star Oklahoma Centennial Band again when it reached the Broadway/Kerr Parking Garage. The rest of this section shows it and other bands as they passed by.

After a very long pause without a band,
the OU & OSU bands passed on by.

The Langston University Band ... Doug Dawg Liked This One A Lot!

Lots of Other Bands, Too ... I Didn't Get Them All
(I'll save my Best Band Award 'Till the Last)

A Bagpipe Band

45th Division Band

A Marine Corps Band

Doug Dawgz Best Band Award
The Broken Arrow High School Marching Band

AIRBORNE VEHICLES. Although a few TV news helicopters shared the air, there can be no doubt about the Best Aircraft Award!

Best Aircraft Award: The Stealth Bomber

CARS. LOTS of vintage cars with celebreties and others were in the parade ... here are most of them. I'll add some description later. Though not a "car," strictly speaking, the OHP & OCPD motorcycles led the parade ...

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